White Cliffs of Dover

I love London; I always knew I would and even now I can't believe it's my home. Sometimes, however, I get the urge to be outside of the busy and polluted lifestyle thanks to my Oxfordshire roots. With a close friend of mine currently living in Rochester, it made sense to leave the capital and venture outside, and where better for fresh air than the beautiful cliffs of Dover? The Natural Trust area is a beautiful sight, even when full of tourists and children. The strong winds prevent any screams and tantrums of youngsters carrying and ruining the ambience. Having the sea on one side, just beneath the stark white cliffs, and green fields stretching onwards makes any stress hard to hold onto as it gets blown out of your hands.


We lost track of the miles we walked, as we stumbled down steep grassy knolls and weaved our way around the cliff edge, watching the birds flock to the pebble beach below. By the end of the hills, we were welcomed by the lighthouse with the perfect miniature tea house, happy to welcome anyone, human or animal. Tea and cake inside a Matthew Williamson-esque team room with vinyl players and flamboyant wallpaper make the long walk worth it.


The walk back was all the better, despite the sun having ventured back in what with it being a surprising February appearance, with brownies and coffee sustaining us for the walk.

If you need the break from the city or enjoy the outdoors, Dover is an easy option to get back to the romance of nature.