Vida Boutique Hotel

In Croatia, we stayed at all kinds of places such as hotels, hostels and Airbnbs, yet none greeted us as kindly as they did at Vida Boutique Hotel.

Situated just a few minutes from the centre of Split, the newly opened apartments offered a quiet respite from the loud tourist squares.

Despite being less than a year old (having first opened in August last year), you can tell the care that has been put into the place. Beds you sink into, simple decor in keeping with the essence of Croatian decor, as well as a bathroom that you end up spending too long in with the gorgeous waterfall shower and bath seat. (I'm also always a fan of places trying to preserve water by encouraging you to reuse your towel, which is something they do here, happily).

It apparently isn't quite finished with a few more additions including a bar but to me, it seemed perfectly done. The outside court is cosy enough to grab a few cakes and coffees from the local bakeries and take them back to, settling in for the evening to catch the last few rays of sun.


As an apartment block, they don't have the facilities to cook food, but this doesn't mean they don't look after you. Instead, they offer breakfast vouchers at a nearby restaurant in the square with choices of fruits, fried meats and salads for breakfast, depending on what takes your fancy.

As a place that greets you like an old family friend, it's a welcome retreat from the noise of the city, and one that is happy to offer recommendations, advice or anything you could ever need if you're new to Croatia. Staying at Vida Boutique is perfect to relax yet still be nearby to explore Split for yourself.