2017 travel trends

A new year brings new travel plans. especially with airlines constantly announcing new flight plans and new hotels popping up around the world. However, if you want to avoid the usual Paris and New York trips that everyone frequents every year, here are the best ones to head to this year.

1. Cuba

So last year came the news that Cuba was making it easier for American tourists to travel there after easing up on the American Trade Embargo. Whilst great news, it also means that hotels and WiFi are on its way as more tourists are expected to visit in their hoards.

The uniqueness of Cuba is its untouched beauty; retro, run-down buildings with vintage untouched signs from the 60’s; it’s lack of internet meaning people are looking up instead of down, and the classic cars as old men sit out in plastic chairs on their front doors.

Cuba is one to head to this year before it changes as I have no doubt that in the next 5-10 years, it will be a very different place, something W Magazine agrees with. Stay in a local casa is the way to get the true experience of staying with a local friend, eating the best home cooked breakfast you ever will for a fraction of the price you'd expect, whilst drinking an authentic Cuba Livre at 10am.


2. Gothenburg

When you think of Sweden, you tend to think of Stockholm as the place to head to. However, Flybe recently announced new flights to it’s second largest city of Gothenburg. There is a mix of European and Soviet buildings, and only a step away becomes it like a chocolate box town looking like the film Chocolat. Embrace the Danish ‘fika’ break of beautifully made coffee and blueberry scones.

Head there during August for the huge music festival Way Out West; not just sustainable and eco-friendly but amazing line ups with Sia, Chvrches, and James Bay. And Conde Nast Traveler can’t be wrong when they say it’s one of the places to visit this year for a different experience of the Nordic country.


3. Lisbon

Sometimes you just want some sun, some culture, and some delicious food. However take a break from popular French and Spanish spots and head along to Portugal for the stunning Lisbon. Flights can be dirt cheap under £30 so it’s a great saver before you get there. It has a great history with Belem tower (and it’s delicious Belem pastel de natas) as well as quirky hipster LX factory. And the stunning tile work of the city centre’s avenues are best explored with some gelato in hand for an easy yet stunning city break.

Just beware of the hills; beautiful views but you’ll be aching the next day. It's even been named Best City by Wallpaper Magazine’s Design Awards 2017!


4. New Zealand

When a city becomes too much, you need to go back to basics and embrace nature. New Zealand is the perfect place for rolling hills and ridiculously blue rivers. Of course, there is also the adrenaline seekers home of Queenstown to test your nerve with a skydive or bungee jump. Other highlights include the beautiful beaches, the slow reconstruction of Christchurch; it's got every base covered when it comes to traveling the country. Most excitingly? This year, Qatar is launching the longest flight in the world direct from Doha to Auckland at a whopping 18 hours and 35 minutes! Take some time out and have the best month of your life.


Wherever you may end up travelling, 2017 is going to be a year of cheaper airfare and more 'off-the-grid' locations as we seek new destinations. I'll be signing up for some new places and revisiting some old...first up on the list is Romania, followed by Poland and Canada so send any tips my way!