Palazzo Versace

The second hotel on the agenda during our trip to Dubai was the legendary Palazzo Versace. In case you hadn't already heard of them, they're one of only two hotels in the Versace chain with the other in Australia.  The only way to describe it is blimming grand; everything decked in Versace print and branded, on-site Michelin-starred restaurant, and three pools to choose from, is barely touching the surface of everything the hotel has to offer.

Our gorgeous room looked out onto the pool, and had all the ornateness you'd expect from a hotel designed by Versace. The bedding was something to admire, as well as the luxury bathroom and embossed designs smattered throughout. However, it's decadent design didn't mean it wasn't a modern hotel as everything from the mirror light to the curtains was controlled by touch screens on the walls. Something that meant if you fancied mood lighting or Do Not Disturb, you could do it from the warmth of your ridiculously soft bed.


With our stay was a complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner at different places in the hotel. The Gardina restaurant where a buffet breakfast was served (and I regularly got an amazing fruit parfait pot most days) was actually based on that J-Lo Grammy dress with the leaf print throughout on the walls and furniture. The other two restaurants were Enigma where you could have an eight or twelve-course meal from a Scandinavian chef, something that was amazingly catered for when they created a menu just for us when we stated one of us was vegetarian and Veritas, a delicious Italian with some of the richest and exotic choices.

Due to its newness, having only opened in December 2015, the place was actually quite empty. Every day I had the pool to myself, where I quickly got to know the pool staff seeing as they outnumbered me 10-1 (and they gave me the best seats and towels), as well as the lobby being very quiet most days. Something that was slightly surreal in a place so vast.


One downside to the hotel is its location; whilst close to the airport, it's in a new location where nothing else has yet been built, so we were woken most days to the ridiculously loud sound of building work which isn't the best way to relax.

However, from the plush purple carpets to hand drawn Versace designs adorning the walls, it seems that Palazzo Versace is going to be a popular choice for the elite once the area is developed.

Thanks so much to Palazzo Versace for letting us stay, rooms start at £182