NH Timisoara

Timisoara is surprisingly thin on the ground for good hotels. There are, of course, some local Airbnb'S and hostels that are both central and cheap, but we ended up staying at the beautiful NH Timisoara just ten minutes from the centre. I'm embarrassed to admit I wasn't aware of the NH Hotels chain until I looked into it and realised they had nearly 400 hotels around the world... But with a choice of 3* or 4* hotels, I was quick to realise that they were something special.

As we were travelling slightly off season, it was remarkably quiet but not in an eery, silent way. Instead, it meant no loud guests and friendly staff and concierge, who were more than happy to help with our amount of questions.

The bedrooms and bathroom were ultimate goals. a comfy reading chair which we both utilised when working, a view of the stunning park (which would be all the more glorious when it's sunny and greener), and of course a huge selection from the minibar that we did our best to resist. It goes without saying that most hotels are comfortable but I can't remember the last time I slept so well unless I was sleeping on an actual cloud, as that was exactly what it felt like.


And I can't be the only one to judge a room by its bathroom? And the beautiful marble and deep bath were perfect for two girls getting ready (and Instagramming the whole thing of course).


Whilst for us it was a good base (and a great place to spend your last evening with prosecco and Keeping Up With The Kardashians whilst in bed), there was so much else to do in the hotel.

First and foremost was the buffet breakfast which had PROSECCO. A PROSECCO breakfast. I barely need to go on, but the food was also fantastic with massive choices or hot foods, in which you could request what kind of eggs you wanted and opting for benedict most morning, pastries, health bars and soy milk milkshakes.


On our chilled out evening, however, we eagerly spent the afternoon in their underground spa. This not only includes a sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and gym (the latter we obviously avoided; we were on holiday after all), but a massage room. Fast forward an hour of a full body massage, I felt that all of my worries, stresses and health problems had been successfully kneaded out of me. Would it be wrong of me to say that this was one of the highlights of the trip?

If you want a relaxing break where you're not only looked after from breakfast to treatment, but that is close to the city centre, then NH Hotel Timisoara is the best bet by far. It was the little touches, such as their 'Lazy Sunday' where you can check out at 5pm instead, free bike rental, and did I mention the prosecco breakfast?

Prices start at £41 per night, with additional charges for breakfast and treatment. Thanks to NH Hotels for holding us up