Hotel SP34

Sometimes on a trip you deserve a bit of luxury thrown in so where better than the gorgeous boutique Hotel SP34 in central Copenhagen? Using the app on the go, I wanted to find a place that was fitting of the city. There is nothing worse than a bland, soulless hotel that is reminiscent of every other in the chain. So I chose Hotel SP34, a quirky hotel in Copenhagen to stay in for a night. Being opposite the central station, it was perfect to stay in just before having to fly home the following day. Their service really was impeccable. Letting me keep my luggage there before check out, super friendly with any questions; we were off to a good start.


I'd booked the deluxe room with breakfast which was £131. After heading up to the top floor (people scared of lifts beware as the tiny one person lift is somewhat nerve wracking) I walked into a beautifully chic grey room overlooking some of Copenhagen. It was really inviting, with gorgeous Ren products in the bathroom as well as a selection of teas.

However, a few little things surprised me, such as how tiny the windows were. On the website, most of the rooms seem light and airy, which was needed in the dark of Winter. And when it came to the bed, despite it being a king size mattress, had two single covers and headboards. I love to spread out on a big hotel bed which wasn't quite possible with this setup.

Otherwise the place really had character which made it stand out from most hotels. A free wine hour at 5pm every evening was one of them. A quirky entrance area with a bike up on the wall, two restaurants; and a delicious breakfast buffet with authentic ceramic teapots. So whilst I can't fault it, I was somewhat let down by the difference in room appearances. I also received an email saying they can sometimes offer an upgrade to your room. When asked, I was told to just pay for a bigger room, which was somewhat confusing.

However it was the perfect way to end such an amazing trip to the city, spending the evening to myself with wine, treats and relaxation.

Thanks to for the gorgeous stay at Hotel SP34