Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel

Hvar is known for being a party town in high season, but what does it offer off season? Quiet streets and relaxing walks in a beautiful town which is where a stay at Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel is perfect to offset the peace. Decked in purple (a popular colour in Croatia due to the abundance of lavender), you're greeted with a glass of rose prosecco and a cool towel for when the temperature rises.

The foyer's front windows overlook the harbour which makes a great place to sit out when waiting for your room to be ready if you arrive slightly early.

However, the rooms all have some of the best views of the island be it a town or sea view but it's the room itself you'll enjoy. A beautiful glass waterfall shower, beds that you sink into and never want to get up from again; you can easily lose a few hours as the sun streams in and the bells toll every hour.


Of course, that would be a waste of the amazing amenities the hotel has to offer, the best of which is the rooftop pool. I've never seen a swimming pool so beautiful than at the Adriana Hotel. Made from heated seawater, it has beautifully large glass windows overlooking the roof terrace as well as a glass ceiling for the light to stream into. And with the room being heated and comfortable lounging beds to the side, I lost so many hours alternating between swimming in the pool I had to myself and drying off in the comfortable loungers. For those wanting a bit of sun, the terrace gets all the sun, all day long and with the top bar just a few steps away, grabbing a cocktail to join you on your sun lounger is easy to do. You can even book a few treatments with their underground spa, or stay in their steam room to sweat out some of the stresses back from.


For the perfect end to any stay, it's a beautiful breakfast. Luckily the hotel offers one of the best ones I've ever had the chance to experience, with a huge buffet on offer. And it's not just any buffet; it prides itself on it all being homebaked, organic and locally grown boasting homemade honey, jams, juices, smoothies, every kind of milk on offer for vegans or lactose-intolerants, as well as all the tea, coffee and hot foods on offer. It's even portrayed in quaint retro suitcases to offset the beautiful start to a day.


Everything from the beautiful Ritual products in the bathrooms, to kind staff who are happy to drive your suitcase two minutes down the road so you can avoid the cobbles, Adrian Hotel offers the perfect break in the sleeping town when offseason, as well as being a welcome retreat when the island ramps up.

Thanks to the Adriana Hotel team for inviting us to stay, rooms start from £188