Greek cuisine

It's raining and miserable in London and I'm reminiscing about when I was in Greece earlier this year, in beautiful weather and nothing to do. And no matter where I am on holiday, I truly believe you should try and eat the local food as much as possible (especially for research and writing purposes). Sure, every now and then get a pizza or a chocolate pudding (obviously definitely acceptable in Italy or Belgium) but when in Corfu, I thought where better than to try the Greek cuisine?


A lot of the dishes were very meat heavy, from pastitsada, a beef cooked like brisket in a tomato sauce, to gyros, spicy pork with tzatziki and pitta bread. And of course the classic Greek salad where they are very generous with the feta to a ridiculous amount. In fact every meal was huge, as my salad with halloumi, aubergine and nuts was the best (and stomach expanding) salad I've ever had. However they are all so fresh and don't make you feel too heavy when it's hot, with enough flavour in it all that I ended up having some meals more than once...

I even tried baklava despite knowing I dislike cinnamon and even for me it was too sweet. So obviously my alternative was a brownie monstrosity with nuts, caramel sauce; the whole works. And why is it that every country apart from the UK has such amazing ice cream choices? Every evening I spent picking a different variety and fell in love with about 6 different kinds of Magnums.

However my favourite thing that I ate in the whole trip was the freshly barbecued corn on the cob that a kind old man was selling at the end of our road. For only €2, you got a huge hunk of it which he cooked on the grill, brushing it with butter and salt. My god, it was heaven on a stick that we devoured so quickly that we rushed back for another one. We ended up speaking to him and finding out he'd been doing it for 30 years! And he was genuinely touched that we wanted another one so soon, that we fell in love with him a bit. Which to be honest, was better than all the food combined.