Four Seasons Casablanca

I’ve been lucky enough to experience a number of beautiful hotels throughout my career, yet one I have never been to is a Four Seasons. Despite being renowned for its luxury and grandeur, I had no idea what to expect when visiting it for the first time in Casablanca, Marrakech.

Walking in it was obvious why they are so well known for adding something extra to a trip. The entrance of black marble and large glass windows were overshadowed by the view of the sea that is seen from the second you step in. Designed in a U-shape, it means the hotel offers a secluded view of the ocean without being right on the seafront. Of course a private pool just behind the building with a jacuzzi always helps…

Whilst it could easily be seen as a modern hotel not in keeping with its environment, they make sure to keep local influences and design work. The foyer walls are designed with ten-foot ornate hand carved walls in authentic designs, hand carved and shipped from Fez.

Deciding to eat at the French restaurant Bleu, it has a glass-encased balcony to protect from the winds but means a near-panoramic view of the beach. A breakfast buffet offering everything from meats to patisseries as well as a health bar offering a special every day. What many may not realise, however, is that the Four Seasons Casablanca is a dry hotel. Due to being less than 300m from the famous Hassan II Mosque, it means they are unable to get a license to serve alcohol due to laws dating from 1967. This may be a deal-breaker for some, but what it does mean is that they offer a sparkly tea variety that tastes the same as prosecco, just alcohol free, and if anyone really needs a drink they can head to the number of bars and clubs on the strip with Casablanca having a surprisingly excellent nightlife.

Of course, don’t forget to return to the foyer for afternoon tea with some of the shiniest patisseries and cakes to die for, and the famous mint tea that is offered in every Moroccan establishment. Making sure to get a seat on the balcony is a welcome respite from those entering the hotel.

The bedrooms cannot be without a mention, as with every hotel that has a bed that feels like a cloud to sleep on. A double marble shower and bath, an art deco balcony looking out to the other rooms (due to the French influences in the region); no matter how beautiful the rest of the hotel is, its difficult to leave the room.

It offers a number of other amazing parts that I wish I had time to enjoy such as a spa treatment centre but sitting by the pool, drinking tea and eating some of the best food (with restaurant choices being a mixed seafood deconstructed filo pastry pie), the Four Seasons makes sure that your first visit is as special as it should be.