Cakes in Warsaw

Something that took me by surprise in Warsaw was the fantastic food on offer. I was expecting the usual Eastern European food which was fried, heavy foods that were smothered in sauces and meat. However, what we actually found was delicious pastries, rich breakfasts and cuisines from so many different countries that we struggled to pick where and what to eat due to the amazing options. Barely being able to narrow it down, bookmark these places on your visit for a delicious experience.

Odette Tea Room

Twarda 2/4, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland

House of Hackney lovers should definitely head straight to Odette Tea Room. The palm-print wallpaper is the statement of the small cafe that has only four tables, but the wide selection of teas lined on the walls like an apothecary and stunning cakes will more than make up for it. Gelatin strawberry sponges and rich chocolate mousses are just some of the things we tried, but not before dithering over which pretty patisseries to choose. The simple touches of a tea timer for optimum brewing and relaxing music from the likes of Birdie finishing it off, making it the perfect place for a lunchtime treat or a late evening finish.



Wierzbowa 9/11, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland

If judging a place on the food alone, MOMU would win without a doubt. That's not to say that it's interior was not beautiful; the eccentric design boasted the usual exposed brickwork which was the backdrop to pop art Kate Moss prints, and underground seating with disco balls and Dalmatian printed chairs. But the breakfast was something we ended up returning a few times to experience. The sweet option was a mix of coconut rice with apple compote, sweet panettone with a lemon honey, cinnamon butter and an apple mouse. The variety of the food meant your palate never felt too overwhelmed, but sticky fingers as you mixed all of the spreads on the pull apart bread was the most exciting. Otherwise the savoury options included a polish flat bread with pulled steak, fried egg with beetroot and pumpkin was satisfyingly filling. Contrasting cold beetroot and hot smoky steak kept you picking the plate as you finished. Head here in the week for a coffee add on for 1 zloty.



Chmielna 32, 00-020 Warszawa, Poland

If you haven't had enough beautiful sweet treats yet, Lukullus should also be on your list. The cafe itself is the ultimate 70's Scandinavian style; think wooden panels and mint tiles with pastel scalloped seats (and of course Instagrammable marble table tops.) The option of rich chocolate tarts to refreshing lemon pies are just some of the finest patisseries, otherwise simple croissant or fresh bread are just as perfect. Be warned; the chairs will be the comfiest you've ever sat in making it all the harder to leave.


Hala Koszyki

Koszykowa 63, 00-667 Warszawa, Poland

If you're ever on the fence when it comes to dining options, Hala Koszyki is the go-to. The indoor food court has everything you could fancy; tapas, burritos, falafel wraps, fish and chips; something to satisfy even the fussiest of eaters. The industrial styled plaza includes a large bar in the middle as the lunch goers turn into night dwellers, as well as cafes and sweet options. You'll end up walking the lengths of the place a few times when deciding on a cuisine so head there before you're too hungry...


5. Barn Burger

Zgoda 5, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland

If you fancy a rough and ready dinner options, join the haggle of people fighting for a seat at Barn Burger. The wide range of options with hilarious names within the best of the US decor makes it an experience to be had. Add in some peppery chips and some burger juice all down your arm as you hurriedly demolish it, and you'll do away in a slight food coma.


+1 Krowarzywa

Marszałkowska 27/35A, 00-639 Warszawa, Poland

If you're vegan and don't quite fancy a meaty burger, head to Krowarzywa instead. The vegan burger bar has enough choices to keep you going with the marinated tofu being especially tasty, as well as the effortless interior adding to the simplicity of this tiny spot.