Lisbon eats

Portugal is known for it's sweet treats. Which, whilst fine by me, meant all the choice was overwhelming and on a sugar-high, hard to find the good spots. So I've found the five best places to eat throughout the city for a quick bite during your exploration.

Wish Slow Coffee House

Rua Rodrigues de Faria 103, Espaço G.02A, 1300-501 Lisboa, Portugal

The LX Factory is a place I discovered from Carrie's blog. It's worth the trek out, especially for the gorgeous Wish cafe. Part shop, part eatery, Wish is gorgeous for coffee, mini dutch pancakes and cute kitsch homeware. I even left forgot to pay for my latte which they didn't realise (yet ran back to pay for good karma). They were really thankful and I don't believe in scamming small companies. Otherwise if you can get a few delicious pancakes (I'd just missed out) they look pretty amazing!


Manteigaria Fábrica

Rua do Loreto 2, 1200-108 Lisboa, Portugal

For authentic pastels de natas, many suggest heading to Belem. However, I found the better ones were in the city at Manteigaria Fábrica. These creme brûlée egg pastry tarts are only €1 each, whether you want one or ten. The women are also amazingly kind and happy to serve you, which I discovered on my midnight jaunt... They even ring a bell every now and then, although no idea why... You can enjoy them with an espresso or pop a few of them in your bag for a picnic. When I say a few, the standard is at least three each or you'll be fighting over them...


Gelato Davvero

Praça São Paulo 1, 1200-425 Lisboa, Portugal

Instead of flocking to the famous ice cream parlour, I found Roman ice cream gelateria Gelato Davvero. They have pretty much every flavour you could think of, as well as every style of decorated cone. They were even kind enough to give it to me cheaper when I didn't have enough change. I decided on the classic chocolate flavour which was so creamy that it didn't last long. And within the two minutes I was there, the queue was suddenly out of the door. So the people have spoken on this high-quality ice cream stop.


La Bottega Piadina

Calçada do Combro 8, 1200-114 Lisboa, Portugal

In case you can't stomach anything more that's sweet La Bottega Piadina is a great lunch stop. Feeling quite Scandinavian with the simple decor, their sandwiches are a cheese heaven. You pick the style you want (with hundreds of cheeses on offer) and they make it right in front of you. With wide open window and chic plants on the walls, you'll pass the time easily. And despite all the sugar previously consumed who could miss all the Nutella adorning the walls...


 Time Out Market

Av. 24 de Julho 49, 1200-109 Lisboa, Portugal

For all the choice in the world, the Time Out Market is the one to explore. A pop-up indoor market of the best culinary talent, you can go for a full starter, main course and desert from some of the best local cooks in Lisbon. My favourite? A delicious salad from Cozinha de Felicidade which was tasty and healthy at the same time. Although I could have been tempted with another cake, and you will too. Even better news? The Time Out Market is coming to London! I'll be first there...


+1 Lisbon Destination Hotel

If you end up staying at the Lisbon Destination Hotel, they have a great dinner option. For under €10 euros, you get an authentic cooked Portuguese dish of four courses and wine. I sampled a creamy codfish dish, a kidney bean and chorizo stew with rice and a vegetable soup. Authentic, filling and so cheap!