Five days in five star resorts in Dubai called for a whole fashion overhaul, so thank god for ASOS next day deliveries is all I can say. It's hard to know what to wear in Dubai as you have to not be overtly flashing the flesh for when you have to get in taxis, but then you go to beautiful hotels and bars where people are wearing stunning yet form-fitting dresses.

My favourite outfit of the trip was what I wore to Nikki Beach. It was a comfy day outfit that needed to be jazzed up for poolside glamour, so a plunge swimsuit underneath a maxi skirt was the perfect way for both. It was all about the accessories so some bodychains and headpieces gave it some fun without being too heavy as it was way too hot for heavy bling... Red lips and retro sunnies and despite what people say about mixing black and navy (my favourite colour combo) it did me well from day to night.


As you can probably tell, I bought the skirt in the same colour but in khaki, because not only were they bargains but they were so flattering and universal. The khaki version was a much better-muted tone for day, especially when pared with a high neck tank top and a pop of colour with some bright red sandals. And just out of sight was, of course, my favourite Reiss bag which is fast becoming my favourite designer piece in my wardrobe. And how much does my gorg friend here look like Amy from The Little Magpie?


And finally, my most glamorous outfit of the week was when we had an eight-course dinner with the PR team out there. I fell in love with this dress the instant I saw it; whilst yellow isn't something I normally go for, it's the colour of the summer and where else could you wear something so exotic? In my head, I was emulating Jed from Night Manager (although was informed it was more like Belle from Beauty And The Beast). Paired with my trusty headband and some nude heels, the pleated shape and ruffled body meant it was perfect for a late evening of meeting new friends over good food and rich wines.

So whilst I may have maxed my credit card ever so slightly before my amazing trip, it meant I was prepared for a conservative culture as well as pretending I was a rich socialite whilst being wined and dined.