Crackington Haven

I grew up in Oxfordshire but a part of me will always be with the sea, having spent three years at Plymouth University, being bundled into a van to go surfing every weekend. 

Crackington Haven is the secluded spot to visit when heading to Bude but want to avoid the rest of the tourists. It offers a more challenging surf, as we faced jellyfish, rocks and a small flagged area to use compared to some of the longer beaches without restrictions. Yet tucked into the alcove, avoiding stings and cuts makes it part of the challenge.


Non-surfers can still enjoy the ancient scenery carved into the region. With two cafes to choose from - The Haven Beach Cafe and The Cabin Cafe, one offers the best porridge and coffee to enjoy looking out to the sea while enjoying the morning papers, while the other offers delicious pastries and Cornish ice cream for later in the day. 

Being mindful of the winds, a walk along both sides of the cove offers a secluded exploration that seems worlds away for anything else, with lush green nature, the wind whipping through and White Houses interspersed throughout. A fitting end is fish and chips at the local pub offset by darts and pool as the red sunset dips into the tide that has swept in. London may be my home now but a break by the sea is the way to survive the hubbub.

Kara Godfrey