If Santorini is the classic blues and white, synonymous of the Greek islands, then Corfu is its colourful, cultural sister. Wandering through the streets of Old Town Corfu, the camera is drawn to the derelict buildings, bright pinks and burnt amber buildings with exotic palm trees and richly painted flowers. Both the sky and the sea look like the colour of the brightest blue crayon in a children's drawing box that we just couldn't get over. Like something out of a film, walking around the town with the classic Greek music playing out from the restaurants, old men drinking iced coffee together and tiny hidden alleyways filled with retro scooters, gorgeous plants and cobbled streets, you end up pinching yourself as to how something can look so perfect.


We got so swept up in the gorgeousness of it that we overlooked the oddities of the Greek people around us and went with it. From bus drivers nearly getting into a punch up over €1.50 to kind old men selling corn on the cob for over 30 years, the mix of stunning scenery and eccentric locals makes it such a warm place to be both physically and mentally.


Even staying in Ypsos, a small resort town just above the main area had such a chilled out vibe and serene places to stay. The long tree lined paths reminded us of the LA strip and the pink sunsets every night lit up the sea. Of course our amazing Hotel Jason gave us a treat with a balconies room overlooking the hills, Tony the barman giving us strong, free cocktails and being steps away from the most delicious restaurant Moby Dick.

With its high rainfall, you get really surprised by the amount of green and luscious trees around the island, something that most hotter climates are lacking and only having dry arid land.

Next time you're hunting for a cheap Greek holiday, forget Santorini or Mykonos, and forget the Kavos reputation with Corfu. Come for the gorgeous colours and stay for the culture and character. Take me back please?