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We use our phones to offer “congratulations” or a simple “how are things going,” so it can be easy to think we are better connected than ever. But when was the last time you sent out a physical, written card to someone?

One of my favorite ways to spend a spare hour of the weekend is to peruse a stationery store for different cards and postcards. Part of the joy is making that perfect choice: the awful gin pun for your best friend, a pretty floral design for your auntie or a simple thank you for your dad.

The beauty of writing a card results in more meaning and thought being put into what you’re trying to say. Not unlike that first page of your new notebook where the neatest handwriting is usually found, a card makes every word count.

Receiving an unexpected card in the mail is pure joy — it’s a lovely surprise to break up the usual habit of sifting through bills, junk mail and fliers. Sometimes a simple note that says you’re thinking of someone can mean the world. The no reason at all cards my mom sent me every month at university are some of my most treasured possessions.

Give a rest to the mistake-ridden texts, the long-winded WhatsApps messages and the sporadic group chat conversations, and try to send a note the old-fashioned way for a change.

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Kara Godfrey