Punk is dead…or is it? | Brighton Fashion Week

With the Met Ball at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Costume Institute in New York coming up tonight, the theme of Punk: Chaos to Couture is eagerly anticipated.  The punk fashion was synonymous with the 70’s and 80’s; the ripped fishnets, the leather gloves, it was about being as outlandish as possible.  Therefore the Met’s exhibition, showcasing the rise from the punk on the streets to the punk on the catwalk will no doubt be exciting to see the boundaries it broke in its creation.
Andrew Bolton, the curator of the Costume Institute states, "designers continue to appropriate punk’s aesthetic vocabulary to capture its youthful rebelliousness and aggressive forcefulness".  Showcasing designs from Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano and Gianni Versace, to name a few, the exhibition celebrates the haute couture of punk and it’s rebellion of fashion.

However, most interestingly, the Met also celebrates the DIY of the punk world.  With four galleries; DIY Destroy, DIY Bricolage, DIY Graffiti and Agitprop and DIY Hardware, it proves how the do-it-yourself of fashion never ages.  Safety pins, studs, rips, zips; anything goes and it hasn’t changed, with many people still choosing to customize their own clothes to stand out.  And who can forget ‘that’ safety pin dress that Liz Hurley wore?
Yet with the punk theme also being the dress code on the red carpet at the Met Ball, whether the honoured guess abide to it will be the question.  With punk being about breaking boundaries, you can be sure that there will be plenty of daring and look-at-me dresses.  Here’s a few of the most daring outfits that have been seen on the Met Ball red carpet with Sarah Jessica Parker leading the way for this year’s punk dress code.

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Kara Godfrey