#nomakeupselfie discussion

The new trend of taking the #nomakeupselfie for Cancer Research has had its fair share of controversies. It's made its point, as there's been a huge influx of donations made with the number reaching £2 million. And anything that causes that to happen is great. Even if one selfie causes one person to donate, it goes towards helping someone which is an amazing thought. However as it goes on, I can't help but feel worried about what it really means for society for two main reasons: Should we need to boast about giving to charity, and should it be deemed brave?

Blogger Yomi Adegoke stated, "But if women not wearing makeup is deemed as brave when held against cancer, it does say quite a bit about society today."

This is the crux of it: how is it brave in this day and age to take your make up off when people are suffering? Are we that scared to go out without wearing makeup, so much so that it's comparable to a cancer patient walking outside after losing her hair and being told that she only has a few months to live?

Should we need to be showing off about doing it? 'Look at how kind and selfless I am!! I'm so brave for boasting my bare face'. And even when they post them, I cannot help but wonder how many times that photo was taken with different angles and lighting to make sure you still look your pretty self.

Sadly the campaign appeals to the majority of young women who like having attention on social media. You see so many comments and likes, or:

"You're still so stunning babe" *like*

"Thanks Babe" *like back*

I haven't posted my selfie, however, I did donate a few months ago when a friend of mine ran a race for charity. I didn't feel the need to post my confirmation online but I silently added my money to the pool. And that was because I felt so strongly about people doing something challenging for a cause, not just using their Boot's wipes to remove their eyebrows.

For me, donating to charity should be a private thing as anything should be that's to do with money.

And you can't help but get cynical when you hear about celebrities cuddling a child who has special needs or is plastered all over the papers grinning manically as they hand over the cheque.

Yes, it's a good thing and kudos to anyone who donates. But I have a lot more respect for the people who anonymously donate just because they want to help a cause, not to get a pat on the back for it.

And the final confusing and scary point is this: as I was writing this post, I had to check that it was actually Cancer Research it was raising awareness for. It's not saying how to check yourself or what you can do apart from taking your make up off and post it on Facebook where you're guaranteed to get likes. We all know cancer exists, so instead of awareness that cancer does still kill people, I'd much rather see how to help people or check yourself for it.

If you still want to donate then you can do so here as it's inspiring that this has raised so much in such a short time. Just please stop spamming my news feed with your no-make-up-yet-still-flattering-lighting selfies.