Life lessons from Friends

2018 is already off to a great start; forget any new year's resolutions or parties, Friends is finally on Netflix.

Instantly suspicious of anyone my age who didn't grow up watching it, it is everything I remember from being a teenager at 6pm with dinner watching it on Channel 4, to watching it whilst going through a breakup or when ill in bed.

Now it's on Netflix, it means my Friends habit it much easier to binge when I need another life lesson. What has it taught me?


You're going to make mistakes

Even the best of friends make mistakes but it's how you recover from it. Even Chandler, one of the characters who I feel is perhaps the most moralistic, kisses his best friend's girlfriend. Mistakes will happen and you're human. You apologise and you learn from it. Life won't always go to plan but you roll with it.


It's okay to have sex with guys without a relationship

From the first episode, Monica is going on a date and sleeps with him. Apart from light ribbing there isn't any judgement or part of a plot. The theme of arsehole guys lying to get you into bed is one to also learn, but so is sleeping with a guy on a first date.

On that note; safe sex guys! Monica and Rachel fighting over the last condom and the loser then not having sex, nicely done.


You're going to go through different stages of lives with your friends at the same time

One of them is having a baby, ones just got fired, one is starting a new job, one is newly single; basically it's okay to be at a different stage of life to your friends, as you're probably exceeding somewhere they aren't.


Why you just need your friends

I've been through some low moment with jobs, health problems and break ups and without my friends, the ones who dragged me surfing, brought me cakes when I wasn't eating or sat with me as I cried until I feel asleep; friends will always be way more important than any guy because without them I wouldn't have got through those shitty, shitty times.

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