2015 mantra

I'm a bit late to the game as I spent my first few days of 2015 exploring Edinburgh, meeting new people and visiting my friends. This year for me is going to be a difficult one. What with a doing long distance relationship, looking for a job/internships, finding a flat, not running out of money working on my blogs, trying to catch up with all of my university friends as well as other things *gasp* it's going to be eventful. I haven't quite got the return travel blues but I'm extremely excited for what this year will bring.

2014 was a mixed bag. The year started bittersweet, what with being sad about my previous relationship ending yet spending the new year with my amazing best friend in a renovated church in Norfolk. The year then gave me experiences such as attending London Fashion Week, staying in a 5-star hotel, winning competitions for free clothes and London Fashion Weekend tickets, working at Glastonbury, going travelling around New Zealand and Asia and of course my amazing friends.

So my mantra to myself this year is STAY POSITIVE. Don't dwell on why that person isn't texting you back. Don't think you're a failure if you don't get that interview. Don't compare yourself to people online. Keep doing whatever you love, be it shopping, playing video games, knitting, writing music, no matter what others say.

I'm sure at times I will find this hard but keep trying and keep smiling. People who are always smiling and positive are the people who stay inspired and get what they want. Be that person.

And after reading this amazing guy who did good things every day, it really just proves how being happy is all you can be.

Fingers crossed for 2015.