I'm always one for tea and cake (who isn't) but even I get sick of going to chains, or overpriced, super fancy coffee shops that have no character. I'd only heard good things about Yumchaa so when a friend and I decided to be ladies who lunch, where better to try. The words 'yum' and 'chaa' mean 'drink' and 'tea' in Cantonese respectively. Such a simple phrase, we definitely don't indulge in the art of tea as much as other countries do which is a huge shame.

And I fell in love with the place walking in; despite being in busy Soho on a Saturday, it was cosy and small yet not overcrowded. Exposed brick walls, mismatching chairs and ornate wallpaper and lights, it's what I would picture as my dream coffee house.


Asking for my standard green tea sometimes causes a confused look or being given peppermint instead (grrr) but this time, I was asked "what variety of green tea?" with the option of twelve different kinds of it alone, as well as red teas or black teas. They let you smell all the varieties to see what takes your fancy with charming names such as 'Enchanted Forest' or 'Mango Sunrise' and with hints of apple and almonds, I went for the 'Wanderlust' variety, something my travel soul definitely yerns for. And with delicious cakes and muffins on offer as well, we couldn't help but split the lemon drizzle and chocolate walnut brownie, for research purposes of course.


All I can say is that I'm ruined for any other tea shop now. Spending hours nattering away with a lovely zesty cake and super rich brownie, whilst your warming tea is brewing is the only way I want to spend my days.

Seeing as you can buy the bags of tea to take home, I think I've found my new favourite place to spend even more of my money.