White Rabbit

As much as I love London and travelling, I’m an Oxford girl through and through, so afternoon teas and quaint cafes are something I’m still not immune to spending hours in. And with Lewis Carroll, famous writer of Alice in Wonderland, studying in Oxford, I was eager to try the quirky cafe White Rabbit in Nottingham.

With two small branches just a stones throw away from each other, in theory you would be spoilt for tables. However, being there on a Saturday lunch time, we had to wait twenty minutes outside whilst we looked on enviously at the cakes and coffees within.


But after the wait, you get invited into an emporium of colourful cakes, mismatched china, walls covered in newspaper clippings and pictures and you really feel like you've stepped into a wonderland.

We went for the afternoon tea, which came with a tea of your choice (we went with a mixed berry, rose and pomegranate and classic green tea), along with sandwiches, a selection of cakes, macaroons and scones. It's all very regal when it comes out and you can't help but feel like it's a real ceremony.

We never felt like we were being rushed so we chatted and slowly got fuller and and high off sugar as we enjoyed being ladies of leisure. Why be in real life when you can go down the rabbit hole of cake and coffee?