Walter & Herbert

As a child, I always wished I wore glasses as they made you look grown up and sophisticated. When I get to 15 years old and I need them, they aren’t so bad. Fast forward 8 years and I wish I knew how naive I was. For days when I forget them so can’t see anything on my commute, the headaches from wearing them all day, the trying to get used to contacts and just not being able to, or when you sit on them and they’re wonky for the next few months.But every now and then, I love how they make me look when you find that dream pair that suit you down to a tee. So a few months ago I headed to the glasses brand Walter and Herbert press event to find out a bit more about them.

The duo Walter Conway and Herbert Thorn started their venture in 1946 so it has some history to the brand for sure. Over the years they’ve worked on creating frames for the NHS, passing the business through two generations of the family and this year, have launched their own frames.  The precision and care that goes into their work is something to be in awe of, and any brand that is fully British is one I can get on board with.


I picked out their 'Bronte' pair which they were kind enough to put my prescription in and I'm pretty much in love with them. Coming in this very grand wooden box, as well as having my name inscribed; it gives it a gorgeous personal touch and care that you'd never find with prescription lenses.Glasses are cool now with celebs even like Kendall Jenner rocking them, so I'll be wearing mine with pride.

Thanks to the team and The Tonic Communications for such a great evening!