Vapiano & The Breakfast Club

As a creature of habit, I always eat out in the same places. Always Starbucks for breakfast and Yo Sushi for lunch whenever I'm out and about, as I'm always reluctant to try new places and end up being disappointed. However this weekend I jaunted to London to catch up with the sister and have my second laser clinic appointment and we decided to try out two famous places. First to try was Vapiano: a fast food pasta bar.

I'd heard good things about it, mainly due to the spelt pasta, and we decided to head to the one of Southwark Street as the Oxford Circus one was guaranteed to be busy on a Saturday evening. It was a beautifully large space, very Swedish with ceiling-to-floor glass windows. When you go in, you're given a card that you charge every thing to and you pick between pizza or pasta. And instead of a table seating, it has lots of long benches and bar tables where you all sit together. After picking your pasta and your flavour (I went for a King Prawn and chilli, my sister for Beef and vegetable), both with pappardelle pasta), You queue up and they make it in front of you with these large woks! They ask everything: how rare you want the beef, how much chilli, if you wan' garlic or parmesan, and in a few seconds you have your fresh food.


I'm not a fan of eating Italian out because of all cuisines, it's one I know I can make at home. But after Vapiano I won't be saying that again as it was genuinely so amazing. The prawns were beautiful and the sauce was divine. They even do take out! Even if this hadn't won be over, the literary quotes all over the walls probably would have done it.The second I move to London, I'm probably going to become a local. I'll order so much, they'll create a black Vapiano card in my honour.

The second place we tried on the list was The Breakfast Club. it's known for having amazing American-style breakfasts and as we realised at 9am, for it's queuing. It's a funny feeling, queuing outside a tucked away cafe for a breakfast with lots of other tourists. Anyway after being third in the queue and 30 minutes later, we were in to the friendliest and cosiest cafe. It had a whole wall of cut out pictures as well as quirky seats and condiments. Quick decisions were made from a variety of fry ups, pancakes, and everything else you can think of, with a posh sausage sandwich and a stack of pancakes being our chosen ones. What came out was the poshest brioche bun with egg, onion chutney and sausage and the sweetest, biggest stack of pancakes with maple syrup, berries and vanilla cream. As someone with a sweet tooth, I was barely able to make a dent so you can imagine how insane it was.


I even ordered some fried potatoes on the side to remove some of the sweetness. However it was still immaculate food and I definitely want to go back to try a full fry up, maybe even the Elvis smoothie. Google it, and you definitely won't be disappointed by the retro website.

Both places I was pleasantly surprised about, and I'd be happy to recommend them both! Any other places that people recommend?