Topshop x Fleur de Force

As usual, my being on Twitter at the right time meant I was able to get tickets to a small breakfast meet up with vlogger Fleur de Force and Topshop to launch their newest festival make up collection which was very exciting! 

So this Sunday I schlepped into Oxford Circus (weekends in Soho are only for the brave) to have an early morning session in probably my favourite store in the world. It was amazing being in the store when it was completely empty: isn't it every girls dream to have a Topshop store all to herself.

We spent our morning cooing over breakfast choices, with cherry granola, eggs and spinach, ginger juices and the ultimate green smoothie. Brunchin' in style, yo. On hand were also the make up desks where you could pick your poison of the festival collection so I went for their gorgeous gel eyeliner (so black and so going into my basket next time) and some so-not-Sunday-morning-appropriate pink glitter. It's perfect for festival season when everyone goes glitter mad and the glitter itself is really big, so it makes a pretty bold statement. And I was also in love with the iridescent cheek blush; 80's glam rock, eat your heart out. Worth it for all the stares I got on the tube later.


It was lovely to mingle with the other girls who were there and sadly I didn't get a chance to speak to Fleur as I had to dash off for family meetups. But delicious brunch and makeup tutorials are the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning are they not? Especially when they treat you with a gorgeous goody bag with said glitter, iridescent face balm for that hide-your-bags-at-Glasto look and a beaut lip colour in my new fav makeup bag.

Thanks to Fleur and Topshop for a gorgeous event