The Sustain Show

The second show of Brighton Fashion Week was the Sustain show, which shows the sustainability of fashion through ethical means. So I was pretty excited to see how this would translate onto the catwalk. The opening designer was Rebecca Jayne Taylor and her "Gore-Tex Up Cycle" collection. The use of Gore-Tex is a clever idea, and with weird headpieces and neon goggles, it certainly was a strong opening.


However, the next up was one of my favourites; Samantha-Jane Agbontaen's "Fabryan A/W13 Collection" was beautifully designed. Very simple yet romantic with pops of neon (something that seems to be highlighted over the two shows) and elegantly monochrome. It might not be as outlandish as other designs but the simplicity of it is what made it stand out.

Emma Burniston's "SmartFolk" encased flowers and ruffles with an Alice-in-Wonderland-meets-Asia designs, whilst Anna Bykova showcased a Space vs Ski idea of plain white and dark purple with neon accented designs.





The first half finished with Brandy Nicole Easter's "The Unforgiver" vs George May's "Country Life". I interviewed George May before the show and he was a lovely guy who gave great answers. Their collections were great against each other, with Easter's purple floral and almost childish patterns with May's simple sportswear with country influences.


The second half began with Daisy H-B's "Dumpster Design" which created dresses out of paper, magazines and denim, all rolled, ruffled and reused to create some exuberant pieces.

Anja Crabb's "Past: Present" was simple and nude with flowing layers, whilst Liora Lassale's "A/W13" created an Edwardian inspired headwear with neon lined outfits. And Jack Kindred-Boothby's "2013" was hard to see, what with the first model storming so fast down the runway encassed in Lycra.


The finale was Henrietta Ludgate's "Supernova". Whilst not as magnificent and near ridiculous as Jess Eaton,  Ludgate's are in no doubt just as beautiful. Fabric tubing, dark elegant dresses with hints of silver and sparkles ended the show with something that was stunning yet not needing to be theatrical.


I enjoyed the Sustain show (especially the big cheer a model got when she chucked her shoes of the stage when they fell off!) yet I feel the Zeitgeist show was that little bit more exciting. However with the Showreel show later this evening (as well as it being my first show that I am officially covering for Bright Fashion Week) I am a ball of excitement, nerves and sheer fear!! Wish me luck!

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