The New York Laser Clinic

After many many years of shaving and waxing and plucking, I finally realised enough is enough. It's a hard life for a girl and, mainly down to laziness, I thought I would invest in laser hair removal. There is always a lot of debate as to whether we should go hairless, or how it's simply encouraging this fake body image that is so prevalent in lads mags and pornography. And with celebrities showing off their brightly coloured and hairy armpits, it's never been more socially acceptable to be hairful and proud. Personally? I think it's entirely up to the person and what they want. So after much consideration, I went with the New York Laser Clinic.

Groupon offer a lot of deals but I will say this: make sure you do the research. You hear horror stories of women being burnt or scarred, and with laser hair removal you need to be careful. The New York Laser Clinic not only had good reviews, but it also had three different clinics and was mentioned on Elle Magazine as being a great place to go.

It can be expensive, and what should have been £512, was instead £129, 69% off!. This included 6 sessions on two medium areas. I picked bikini and underarms, mainly because I thought it would be easier for travelling. I had to go for a consultation first, where they test the areas you want to have zapped to make sure you don't have a reaction to it. They then mention lots of important things, such as not going into the sun before or after treatment as your skin can be overly sensitive. They were really good when I had lots of questions, and I booked my first appointment for the week after.

I was dubious and slightly scared, as I had heard it felt like "rubber bands all over". However the lady I had was very reassuring, and they then mark the areas that they are going to zap with a white pencil. For the first session, they are happy to have it on a lower setting as this can be the most painful time due to the thickness of the hair.

I won't lie, it hurts. But seeing as I've waxed, had a tattoo and had my cartilage pieced, it was bearable. I asked them to turn it down as your lower stomach is the most sensitive, but the rest of your bikini line and underarms is bearable. The smell of singing hair isn't ideal but at least you know it's working! The machine also zaps with a flash of light, then a puff of cool air. It does leave your skin quite raised and they say no gym or hot baths for 24 hours but 15 minutes later, and I was out (and a 20 minute walk away from Oxford Street...)

Initially, I didn't see much different. Despite having the best type of body for the treatment (pale skin, dark hair as the higher the contrast the better) they seemed to be coming back even thicker. However, two weeks later and the hair was just falling out! Now I haven't shaved all week and there doesn't appear to be any grow back. There are a few missed patches of course but with 5 more courses to go every 6 weeks, I genuinely cannot believe how amazing it has been. There is no dark shadow, and it is slightly patchy but after reading reviews of people saying it takes a few sessions to see a difference, apparently not for me!

Knowing that this is a permanent thing (apart from the top ups every few years), I think it was such an investment that I don't know why everyone doesn't do it. I'm genuinely excited for my next few sessions knowing that this is forever. If you have ever considered it, then I cannot recommend it enough: I'm definitely going to go back to get my legs done. Just make sure that the place you are going to has good recommendations, and you don't do it during the summer so you don't have to stay out the sun!

UPDATE; It has now been over a year later. Whilst my hair does still grow back, it is SO ridiculously less so and fine, that I can honestly say it has made such a huge difference to my life and will eventually be investing in getting my legs done.

Top tips:

  • The paler the skin and darker the hair, the easier it is for the machine to zap the follicle.
  • Don't get the areas in the sun or use fake tan, as it can affect the hair and you are much more sensitive when it is being treated.
  • Do it during the Winter: with 6 sessions, every 6 weeks, it can take a while so don't do it when you want to me in the sun.
  • Afterwards, wear light clothing, and don't go to the gym or have a hot bath for 24 hours as it will be slightly raised.
  • Do your research: The New York Laser Clinic was clean, friendly, and great reviews.
  • Only shave during and before your treatment: don't wax or pluck as this completely removes the hair follicle.
  • Don't panic at the thought of a laser!