The Bloggers Market

So today was the day! Finally The Bloggers Market has come around. Not knowing what to expect, I put on my fighting New Balance shoes, and prepared for something out of Confessions of a Shopaholic. As I headed up to The Foundry, a new dig in Camden, fairy lights twined around trees greeted me into what is probably the prettiest little room ever. Comfy mismatched seats, elegantly written menus, pretty flowers and copper signs.

Oh yes, and racks and racks of beautiful clothes near my favourite bloggers.

So with reems of girls waiting with cups of coffee, eyeing up their first buy like a wolf to it's prey, as soon as Carrie whistled, it was all out war. Okay it wasn't that dramatic and there were constant 'oh sorry!' as people knocked each other but it was still extremely exciting. What I loved was seeing some of my favourite bloggers in the flesh, especially Liv who is especially tiny.


However the amount of clothes, coats, shoes, bags, make up and god knows what else made it an exciting browse which didn't last all that long with the racks looking empty very quickly. Alongside all of this it had hair styling by Joel Benjamin and free cupcakes with every drink by Lena Rose Bakery so it was a great day out.

However I didn't leave empty handed. I managed to salvage a Topshop polka dot pencil skirt, a mini make up bag, two typography prints and my free Lord and Berry lippie. And my absolute favourite piece is my Motel trousers. I've loved them ever since seeing them on Liv and had the intention of buying them this weekend for 40 pounds. And I got them for 5 pounds! All in all my hoard came to about 17 pounds so a bargainous day of shopping.