Yellow polka dot bikini

Aren't all holidays for lounging in a pretty summer bikini and flirting with Greek bartenders for free drinks? With a week of tanning, pumping tunes from the bar and downing strong Sex on the Beaches that made us woozy by 2pm, I think we nailed the 'what to do on holiday' memo.


So obviously I brought a ridiculous amount of bikinis. I have a slight obsession with H&M sale swimwear, with about two thirds of my pieces being all under a fiver from them. My Paisley Urban outfitters ensemble (again, in the sale: living in London + poor = stingy Kara) is one of my favourites as it took me long enough to realise that string bikinis just don't suit me. It's all about the strapless style so I fell in love with my very first full price bikini (shock horror!) from H&M (not so much shock) with this mismatching lilac and black piece. 

All girls love a bikini that suits your shape as you're basically in your underwear in front of creepy old men. Invest in your favourite piece and you'll be singing its praises for years, the overpriced prices of a small scrap of fabric be damned.