Spring clean

Am I the only girl who has bags of clothes that she hasn't worn in years? Of course I'm not. In fact, I'm sure most of us have bought that gorgeous dress that we'd keep for a special occasion/slim down into/use loads because it was half price.

And of course things change and you change; last year I was always wearing skirts and girly blouses, now it's about the chic separates and sharp trousers. I'm not one for waste and what with moving house (today!), here's my How To guide in getting rid of stuff to spring clean your life.


Ah, the holy grail of selling. The place you can sell anything and everything. It's also the place to be careful with. Whilst I've sold pretty much everything; clothes, gadgets including broken laptops for parts, you will always get a scammer saying it hasn't arrived or doesn't work. So be aware, always get a postage receipt, check for any holes or discolouration, and make sure you're aware of eBay's 10% cut. For clothes, postage should be about £3 to cover yourself (standard second class is £2.80) gadgets like laptops always do 'signed for' where up to £15 to be protected with insurance. Even if it only sells for 99p; do that 20 times and that's £20 in your pocket! (That's enough for return flights to Copenhagen...)


New app on the block is making the rounds with bloggers and is a friendly, artier way to sell. I haven't had as much luck selling in the sense some of my items end up sitting there with no interest, but I've sold a fair amount of things and people are generally much friendlier. My only advice is to post higher prices that you think. Most people will ask to go lower; I had a brand new leather skirt for £60 that someone wanted for £10. Which is taking the mick completely, so that's the only downside but it's great if you aren't in a rush for people to buy, as they'll filter in every few weeks from your page. I'm over here, if you wanted to take a cheeky peek...


This is more for furniture; when we redecorated we shifted desks, suites, even doorknobs pretty quickly. My only worry is when you're a girl on your own as they can just come to your place to grab stuff and go. Maybe overly cautious but I always invite a male friend over just for backing.

Swap sale

Got a mate the same size who always looks stylish? How about swapping clothes? I once had a jumpsuit I loved but having worn it once, didn't want to again, my friend had the same idea with her dress, so a quick exchange and hey, brand new clothes without paying a thing! Get a few glasses of wine involved and it's a fashionable party...


This is mainly for bloggers or people wanting to increase their social presence but for any gadgets or make-up you've never used but don't want, a giveaway is great. I gained over 1000 followers in one week with just some Benefit and Rimmel bits. I'll be doing another one soon with a whole package of stuff worth over £100 so keep your eyes peeled!


If it's someone you can't flog or you just don't want to have the faff of putting it all online (photos and descriptions do get tedious) then a charity will always take bits on rather than clogging up landfill. As long as it isn't completely ruined, they can even use the clothes for fabric if they're slightly ratty. If you're lucky, H&M are sometimes taking bags of clothes for Water Aid, giving you a £5 off voucher so it's a win-win.

After all that, you've either earned some cash or done your bit for charity, and with a streamlined wardrobe only with bits you know you love, it's a great feeling.