Working in social media

Over the past couple of years, I’ve worked in a few different industries, from a marketing intern at a fashion brand to an events assistant at Cosmopolitan. However it’s my most recent role in social media at a travel PR company where I really feel like I’ve come into my own.

So what is it like to work in social media?

First off, it’s something that I was self-taught in. Being the first to get a Facebook or Twitter account among my friends, as well as using it for my own blog for four years played a huge part in meaning I was suited to the role. No degree or masters got me those skills; I did it because I enjoyed it.

Yet social media isn’t just tweeting. It’s knowing the basic facts such as when is a good time to post, what tone of voice your client wants, how often to post. On a higher level, it’s understanding SEO optimisation of what key words to use, social media campaigns creating drive to the website, and understanding key figures and growth on most platforms. As well as being on top of what platforms are about and which are the key players, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn, Youtube, Snapchat, Periscope etc. So a lot!

Is it something to get into?

wildlife festival social media
wildlife festival social media

I didn’t know I’d get into this. I was working towards journalism, and to be honest there are still days when I miss working at a magazine. But this suits me much more, as I love travel topics over the latest trend or the newest celebrity topic. So being able to work on campaigns and social profiles of some exciting clients means no day is the same.

And the beauty of social media not just for now, but for the future is the flexibility of my work. I can easily do a lot of work from home or on the go, which can mean I can’t always switch off (when it comes to work and blog and personal accounts you end up pretty square eyed). But I can be in bed with a cup of tea and an episode of Friends on whilst doing all my work remotely. That not only means I don’t have to battle commuters if feeling under the weather, but means as I get older and think about moving further out or starting a family, that office work isn’t necessary 5 days a week.

Or even if you somehow can’t get in, or don’t want to be in the office over Christmas, you can still do a solid morning of work, and not need to be stuck in an empty office whilst everyone else is off. I’m lucky enough that my job, if I have to have the morning to do something important, are pretty lenient in letting me come in later and work later. I actually spoke to Pow Wow Now on how flexible working makes me work much better.

If you want to get into social media, I would honestly say first off get a blog; this is how you learn the basics. Then, there are some amazing online courses you can do, or the beauty of google. I’ve found a few articles that may be useful for you to learn some basics.

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This is just a brief reason for why I like working in social media; if anyone would be interested in what platforms and programmes I think everyone should be using or a day in the life of a Social Media Exec then let me know in the comments!