Shopping in New York

Being New York, I had to see all the sights and soak up the culture. However, how could I ignore the shopping part of it?

I experienced Bloomingdale's  which was insane and made me want to be a millionaire IT girl, if only for a couple of minutes. As did Fifth Avenue, where I felt severely under-dressed in my skinny jeans and converse.

However, the main streets and Soho were pretty fantastic for shopping, where I rotated the H&M's, Zara's and Urban Outfitter's. The amazing thing I found out was that BDG in Urban Outfitters stock jeans in 26" leg! I'm a short gal, so this was a godsend. If only the UK did them, I would buy every single pair...


So I did buy a lot of things, my favourite being a pair of BDG jeans for more than half the price, and my splurge on my Steve Madden boots. They are so pretty and I love them. Oh and my leather shorts from Zara, they saved me when the weather shot up to 27 degrees and I only had jeans. I do miss New York, and the shopping was amazing.  I can't quite believe that I travelled there, and I could really see myself living there for a few years. Hopefully that dream will come true one day!