Shave, wax or laser?

This blog post is about to get personal: with summer coming up and everyone working on getting their beach bodies ready for holidays and/or festival season, us women have a lot to contend with. Wobbly bits, cellulitey thighs, dry skin and the age old fuzzy legs.  However what way is better to rid of the annoying hair growth? Is it simpler to shave? Or to brave the intimate wax appointment or even splurge on a laser? Having done all three, here is my take on all three options and what is better for you:


The simplest, most economic and most popular way of de-fuzzing is to shave. Popping to Boots to buy some disposable razors and shaving cream is the quickest way to get yourself smooth and silky again, especially when you have a last minute date and need to hastily whack out the blade for your underarms over the sink.

However, I find that this method, what with having particularly dark hair, causes a stubbly regrowth by the end of the day, and leaves me with the itchiest legs, seeing as you're scraping off the top layer of skin everyday. If you do have to do it this way, then invest in 1) a good quality razor (none of the cheap nasty ones) 2) Shaving gel (as conditioner blunts your blade and body wash can cause nicks) and 3) In-shower moisturiser to replenish your legs and leave them feeling silky smooth again.


A slightly costlier yet longer lasting way is to wax. I started during my first year of university to get the most annoying areas done: underarm, legs and bikini. Everyone knows it hurts: they aren't lying to you. But if you find a good salon, then the pain is pretty quick, and the regrowth is so much slower and finer. I noticed a difference straight away and having someone else do it means they don't miss a spot.

Of course depending where you are, especially in cities, can be pretty expensive. And the worst bit of having to grow the hair means you end up looking a bit like the Grufallo towards the last few weeks before your next wax. The necessary hair length is getting shorter and shorter but it can still be a pain, and what many people worry about is having a strangers head by your nether-regions. But don't panic about that bit: they've seen much worse and hey, it's their job. The horror stories they've told me and by the third sessions, you're both sharing your life stories anyway.


The scariest and still fairly new method of hair removal is laser therapy. I splurged on this last year when I knew I had festivals and travelling coming up as it promises no/little regrowth for years. However it requires a lot of research as many salons can be untrained or unsafe, and you hear horror stories of burns or wasted money. However, I picked The New York Laser Clinic (full review here) as it had amazing reviews and the kindest people. With a Groupon, it came to approximately 129 pounds for underarms and bikini. Whilst the regrowth never fully goes away (despite promises as hormones etc can affect this) it is insanely thiner, much slower to regrow and has made a huge difference.

Of course, it can be expensive and pain wise, it fucking hurts. Much more than waxing. The machine they used fires a small laser then a puff of air to sooth it but it still feels like burning and the smell of sizzling hair isn't great. The fear of a laser is the worst thing that people come to me with but I cannot sing its praises enough. And you do need 6-10 sessions so the price can rack up.

At the moment, I've used all of my laser sessions, therefore, need to pay for some more. So at the moment I am under the Shaving Crew: however with three years of waxing my legs and six sessions of laser on my underarms and bikini line, my hair is ridiculously thinner and finer, so shaving is not so much of a bother like it used to be. If you're lucky enough to have blonde fine hair this might not make much difference for you. But all those with dark, thick, itchy hair follicles, I cannot recommend laser enough.

Have you had any good or bad experiences with the above?