Rosewood Hotel

So I was having a pretty crap Tuesday (tired, underpaid, hungry: the usual) when a tweet popped into my inbox. Cue me wooing and skipping in circles in my very small bedroom. So I'd won not only a ticket to one of the London Fashion Week shows but a stay in a posh hotel!

I'm not the luckiest of people, and this is the biggest thing I've ever won so I was pretty excited. Therefore my week leading up to it included trying to find a mate to come with me (not wasting a ticket!), planning my outfit, and sheer panic over the trains not running from Oxford to London.

However as the day came round, my idea of leaving at 7:30 in the morning meant we were there supremely early to check it. So a classy McDonalds breakfast was on the cards, and my first spot of the Fashion Week were some paps wearing some beautiful Chanel trainers.

We left to seek the hotel, and were chatting when a huge building was on the left. Our conversation went a bit like this:

"I wonder where the hotel is?"

"Wow, that building on the left looks like Parliament it's so big!"

"Oh shit...."


Yep, that huge palace/parliament was Rosewood Hotel! Seeing as I've never had been to a 5* hotel I wasn't sure what to expect. But this came with men holding the doors for you, offering umbrellas, into an ornate reception where the concierge carry your cases about three feet.

Feeling very out of my depth, the concierge took us up to our room (very Spanish and very good looking) and left us to our own devices. First port of call was falling onto the beautifully soft bed, along with exploring the mini bar and admiring the ornate bathroom. Of course, we were still paupers in this beautiful place, but it had coconut water in the mini bar, the newest Harpers Bazaar and some amazing food on offer such as movie snacks and nibbles. Safe to say it was the most beautiful room I'd ever been in and it was ready for us to prepare for the DAKS show....( as will be revealed in Part 2 of our LFW experience!)

When we returned, we came across this beautiful pudding from the manager of the hotel, which was meant to be for a couple for Valentine's day.... but the strawberry chocolatey goodness was incomparably delicious.

We decided to head out to some cocktail bars, seeing as we were in London for the night, where I wore head to toe H&M.


We went to Be At One first at the recommendation of my sister and sadly missed Happy Hour. But the tiny bar had the most energetic barmen I had ever seen and whilst it was their job to be a bit flirty, they were amazing fun.

We moved on to The London Cocktail Club which had weirder cocktails and a grungier feel to it, but it was amazing to just be out of my tiny town and having some tasty, if not slightly expensive drinks.

We woke up the next morning feeling slightly worse for wear (not helped by the late night Dorito and Bridget Jones combo) and were sad to say goodbye to the hotel. This was helped by free breakfast, with the choice of  English, American or Chinese. Chocolate chip pancakes were the obvious choice, but when accompanied by juice, tea, pastries and toast, it was obscenely filling. But of course, we were going shopping so the calories wouldn't stay on for long! Whilst I bought my previous outfit from H&M the night before, I splurged on two bargain tops from Zara and some beautiful underwear from Topshop.

All in all, it was an amazing experience and thanks to Rosewood Hotel for putting us urchins up for the night!