Rooftop Cinema Club

For so long I've wanted to try the Rooftop Cinema Club, and they kept selling out or being ridiculous film options. However we finally got round to booking tickets! Despite numerous line closures, we made it to Peckham and found the place opposite the tube station. After going through a dodgy gated door, and lot of winding around broken windows and weird alleyways and too many stairs, we made it to the top!


On our left were the chairs and screen already laid out, and on the right was the beautiful smell of burgers and garlic wafting towards us. Obviously we couldn't resist so bought the "The Jerky" and "The Schroom Boom". After a glance at the oh so expensive cocktails and drinks, we waited on the rooftop in the late summer weather whilst looking out over beautiful smoggy London. I know I'm biased but I don't understand how you can't fall in love with the city. Yes it's rough around the edges and in the middle but I'm always in awe of the skyline and knowing there is always something going on, be it an event down the road or a 24 hour hair salon, it's my favourite place to be. Yes it's busy and yes it's dirty but it's also one of the most vibrant and historical cities on Earth, breeding some of the most iconic writers. Mushy but true.


As it got darker, we hurried over to our seats, following the beautiful fairy lights and were given our free slankets (sponsored by British Airways of course) and our wireless headphones. I was being generous so bought some minstrels and popcorn for under a fiver, not too shabby. We settled into our deckchairs and got ready to watch! Two hours later and I had both slankets over me, hiding my face: I foolishly didn't know True Romance was a Quentin Tarantino film. So gore and horror was expected. However as long as you don't have a ridiculously low body temperature (just call me lizard girl) and you actually research the film you are going to see, it's an amazing experience. Great food, beautiful view and a quirky way to watch a film together, it's definitely worth it. Next stop, hot tub cinema?