Notting Hill

Last week I had the opportunity to see Notting Hill before the Bloggers Hula Fit event. As an all round London lover I'm always trying to see more of the place (I may need to start a London checklist of things to do here). And with the iconic film Notting Hill being just another amazing Richard Curtis rom com, I joined the many many other tourists out on Saturday to see the beautiful place.

Living in Battersea I always believed that Chelsea and Kensington were the most gorgeous places I'd ever seen but I was proven wrong here. Multicoloured buildings, cherry blossom trees scattered around and slowly coming into bloom, and shabby chic doors and decor. With the smells of Portabello Market; spicy wraps and hoards of chocolate, I could barely resist. Cream cheese Oreo filled doughnuts, sweet sourdough bread and beautiful flowers, it was all so delicious. Seeing as my asthmatic boyfriend wouldn't appreciate the flowers, I went with the biggest chocolate muffin known to mankind and a delicious falafel.


Luckily I could make the most of the nice weather, and sitting in the parks with fresh food and beautiful buildings, it's on my new favourite list of places to hang out. Word of caution to avoid Portobello Market at weekends though: the food may be worth it but you'll very quickly be too annoyed being bashed about to eat them.

Either way, if you have a free weekend or lunch, then pop over and just explore the area as it really is beautiful. Next time I may explore some of the cafes, as again I've only heard good things but wasn't sure a full stomach before hula hooping my abs away was a good idea. If anyone has any places they'd recommend then let me know in the comments, as I'm always on the lookout for yummy new places!