Nordic Bakery

For me, I associate Swedish culture with clean lines and chic interior, uber stylist women who ooze cool and of course IKEA. so when my fellow Swedish friend persuaded me to try Nordic Bakery, I felt it was time to branch out into Swedish food too.

We wisely chose the Baker Street branch which was tucked away and not as busy as expected for a Sunday morning catch up. Upon entering there was no music which was slightly eery at first but it was a nice step away from over crowded and noisy chains that have eroded the joy of a quiet breakfast.  White wash floor boards and black wall tiles, the minimalist thing was a exactly what I expected of a Scandi cafe (house goals right there),


But the food. God the food. My dense oatbake with fresh berries was not only a delish bunch but a massive portion that even I struggled with. And it's got oats in the title so obviously a breakfast right? Next time I need to try the Karelian pie, a savoury little parcel of goodness.

It's my new favourite joint for an intimate catch up with some of the most gorgeous pastries and strong coffees but for now I'll just be dreaming of that oatbake...