New York street style


In my never ending journey to creating the perfect capsule wardrobe, I couldn't help but take note of the simple yet elegant fashion when I was in New York. My attempts to be sneaky and take some street style photos of them didn't work spectacularly well:

However, I realised their style comprised of three elements:

  • Simple jeans; well fitting and just above the ankle for Parisian chic.
  • Simple pumps; no need for anything fancy, some beautiful leather French Sole's will do the job.
  • The coat: it can be classic, quirky, or somewhere in between, but it always looked to be good quality yet slightly bashed in.

Having lived near London, you do see the same styles but, maybe because it was sunny and warm and I was in an exciting new place, the New Yorker's definitely trumped the Londoner's in their classic style.

Take me back please.