Neäl & Wølf

You know when you get a product that you fall in love with and question how you lived life without it? That was me until I discovered Neäl & Wølf’s heat protection spray (£11.50).

Without fail, I always use a spray before blow drying and straightening my hair, because even my thick hair goes super frizzy without some form of protection ESPECIALLY in winter.

The reason I love this version (not just because of the gorgeous packaging) is the smell and texture of it. It's got that fragrance that you get walking into a posh salon of expensive hair treatments and luxury spas: it means sometimes I get a bit too excited and just douse my hair in it so I can smell it a bit longer… And texture wise, it isn’t sticky or heavy and you can barely feel it when you put it on, unlike others which can weigh your hair down.


Being able to put it on wet or dry hair is also a plus as I always let my hair dry before remembering to put any on, and this little bottle goes a lot further than thought (if you don't go mad like I do). If you need some extra protection for your hair, I definitely advise investing in this one.