Miki Moko

As I slowly introduce myself to contact lenses, I still rely on my glasses 9 times out of 10 due to being in a rush or simply because I hate sticking my finger in my eye. So I’m always on the look out for beautiful glasses and after hearing about Miki Moko, I investigated further. I was in love with my Walter and Herbert glasses (until I lost them) so upon this discovery, was on the hunt for a new pair. Miki Moko  are different from other brands in that you pay whatever you want, and then half of that goes to the Nepal Youth Foundation. So not only are you paying exactly what you can afford for glasses, but you’re also doing something to make a difference to someone else's life.


You then do all the details yourself; your prescription etc, and pick a pair you like and boom, they’re on their way to you! I went for the Bridgette frames; (a popular pair I think having seen fellow blogger Rebecca sporting a pair too) and they come with a sleek black box; already I liked their style and the frames are so delicate that they don’t overpower your face for small-faced people like me.

I love the concept behind the glasses; the way of getting people to do their bit for charity like other brands have discovered like TOM's and Gandys Flip Flops, is such an easy way get money to charity for those who may not think about it in their daily life.

So even as I try and get used to contacts, Miki Moko are making it that bit harder with these stylish new frames that I refuse to take off...

Thanks so much to Miki Moko for giving me the ability to see again!