Matthew Williamson

Yesterday I met one of my fashion idols and the first designer that I remember admiring as I got into fashion. Having styled some of the fashion heroes such as Sienna Miller and Kate Moss,  British designer Matthew Williamson is one of the legends.

With a quick (read: extremely gridlocked) taxi up to Queens Park, I entered a haven of ornate prints and a supremely bouncy dog to have a nosey into Matthew Williamson's new studio and design of the Aero chocolate.

Most studios I always think of as big warehouses; a lot of grey and very empty spaces, but Matthews Emporium (the only word that really captures the essence) was exactly how you'd picture a place of his to look . Detailed wallpaper designed by himself, a rail with some of his designs and fun elements of pink feathered and gold centrepieces to make you feel like you're in the Willy Wonka World of fashion. It's the little details that make you realise the brilliance and attention that they bring to their work. From vintage armoires and patterned upholstery that went with the crockery to a stork cake stand and Asian statues.


Of course after a few kitsch nibbles and awed strokes of the dresses, I was lucky enough to talk to the man himself as he gave me a tour of his studio. He spoke of his newest shift to being completely online and how his studio is more of a lifestyle that just a design hub. When a customer comes in, they'll not only be immersed in his work but be able to pick pieces out and have a collection of his work curated for them, with marvellously huge and luxurious personal changing room. His enthusiasm was catching and there's something about a British designer who knows London and it's women's desires to dress that means he stands out, and has fun with his exuberant designs.

I was also shown his studio and archive where every single one of his pieces from the beginning is stored. If heaven is a room of embellished, feathered, exotic, and exquisite gowns, I can die happy.

Leaving with a few bars of chocolate lining my pockets, I left in a daze of glitter and awe having met the man himself who got me into fashion over ten years ago.