Matcha in London

London always offers the newest and weirdest food fads. One that is here to stay is matcha, something I am pretty pleased about. Whilst it's not for everyone, the super powder is delicious no matter how it's eaten. Four of the hotspots in London offer it in a variety of ways, from teas and lattes to ice creams and cakes. Here are the best places to try some matcha for the first time in the capital city.

Milk Train

44 Bedford St, London WC2E

See that big queue outside that shop near Picadilly Circus? That's Milk Train. You may have seen them all over Instagram but it's the famous candy floss ice creams that have exploded in popularity. Sure it's a fad and an expensive one at that but it's definitely a fun one to take some friends to when they come from out of town to visit.


You pick a cone or a cup, and then a flavour of ice cream with vanilla, matcha or a flavour of the day such as red bean. You then add the candy floss and then the toppings, either going for authentic Japanese flavours or a haze of rainbows treats. It's definitely a high like no other but worth it for the baffled looks you get from locals and pigeons alike.


29 Thurloe Pl, Kensington, London SW7 2HQ

Whilst the place is slightly gimmicky, it is worth it to see just how much they do with the matcha. Purple potato matcha cake, matcha brownies and sweets, matcha lattes and meals; it's certainly got enough choice for someone willing to dive into it.

The meals are also worth a try; whilst slightly pricey, the Hawaiian tombo bowls of salmon are pretty delicious.



9 Regent St, St. James's, London SW1Y 4LR

This Japanese place is recommended for real Japanese food due to two reasons. One, my friend who lived in Japan for a year said it is nearly as good as the place itself, and two, because of the large amount of Japanese people who frequent the place.

The food is worth it alongside the deliciously made matcha teas. Thick fluffy buns and rich ramen offset the matcha and you'll be practically licking the bowl of it all. They also do the glorious "Irasshaimase"greeting to every person who enters just as they do in Japan.



47 Rupert St, Soho, London W1D 7PD

Finishing on the prettiest of matcha is Tsujiri. The matcha lattes, hands down, are the prettiest things I have ever seen, knocking all coffee art out of the park. My sakura tree with pink accents meant my phone is filled with hundreds of images that just couldn't do the prettiness justice.

They also have some delicious authentic mochi alongside (off the menu), coming in red bean and sesame which are great to add alongside a drink. Most come for the matcha ice cream but there is so much more to try there instead.


+1 Shakyfu

14A Old Compton St, Soho, London W1D 4TJ

Everyone knows of this place, which you can tell when you walk in because the restaurant is full of tourists just ordering desert. The matcha soft serve ice cream comes with kinako french toast on the side which is definitely, definitely, all kinds of yummy.