Magnum's 25th Anniversary

As a devout chocoholic, when I heard there were free Magnums being given away on Oxford Street an hour before I was there, I was distraught.  But there was a light at the end of the tunnel: I heard there was a Magnum event in the Wonder Room at Selfridges. I had to check it out. For £4.50, you could design your very own Magnum. Steep, but I was tempted. You first picked your ice cream flavour, then the coating, then three toppings, THEN the drizzle and THEN the final chocolate button. Phew. The toppings went from plain to bizarre: crushed biscuit to goji berries to chilli flakes. They then put them all into a mini cocktail shaker and mixed them up. A bit dramatic but then what can you say when there was a massive plasma screen showing oozing chocolate?

And with the super sized ice cream sticks acting as tables, it was all very Willy-Wonka. I went for vanilla ice cream, dark coating, brownie and silver wafer and honeycomb topping, with milk chocolate drizzle and a white chocolate button. And this popped out:


It was super sickly and the hardest thing I've ever had to eat but my god it was good. The staff were so friendly and playing around with the kids, all wearing brown leather dresses (I'm assuming to look luxurious, like an ice-cream?) and even adults were pretty excited by this concept. Even if the ice-cream stick tables tripped me out a bit... So whilst a ridiculous amount for an ice-cream, for someone who loves chocolate as much as I do, it was the best 2 minutes of eating in my life.

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