Magic with Oliver B

I've always been a non-believer of magic; growing up watching the 'Behind the tricks' shows left me cynical and knowing that there was a ploy to every one. However after meeting Oliver B yesterday, my views were completely shifted and have to believe that some people are just bloody magic. I was invited to the W Hotel by Claire, and after a quick dash from work and an outfit change, we zipped up the gorgeous looking hotel to meet the magician himself.


The next twenty minutes completely blew my mind. With a mixture of card tricks, maths tricks and iPad illusions, every time my head was in my hands as I wracked my brains as to how he did it. Its not the simple, "is this your card" trick. Its 'is that your card all the way across the room on top of the bar?' Or turning the pack of cards in one girls hand into a plastic block without even touching her. Either way it baffled me and slightly annoyed me, not knowing how something is done. But you couldn't say he wasn't impressive and with all the swagger and charm of a true magician, he nailed it. Here's some of the things that Oliver B, being slightly more candid apparently seeing as it was his birthday, had to say to us*:

So how many years have you been doing magic?

About 5 or 6, but I love telling people just under a year so that they're amazed!

Do you update your routine much?

I have about 5-10 standard tricks and update it every year. Until you're on TV, you can repeat the same tricks like a comedian, but when people see you, you have to keep changing and updating.

Who is your biggest person you've tricked?

Pharrell is probably my biggest but my favourites were Roger Federer and Thierry Henry.

Who do you want to do next?

Taylor Swift... *he then went on to say how much he loves her, obsessed with her, quite embarrassingly really...* Although I'd love to get a retweet from Harry Styles.

What's been your most embarrassing moment?

I once messed up pretty badly at an Arsenal event: magicians always have what we call 'an out' but it was a pretty impressive trick so didn't have one. And when entertaining Rihanna, I thought Cara Delevingne was her sister and didn't get either on film, or Little Mix!

So what with it being his birthday last night, and the Brits tonight, it's a good week for him! Hope you had a fab time last night and an even better time tonight Oliver!

The W Hotel was absolutely beautiful with some gorgeous cocktail choices to end the night on.

Thanks to both Oliver B and Claire for an amazing night, you've officially made me doubt my beliefs on magic. Check out more of his mind-boggling work here.

*words my own: mind too blown to use a dictaphone!