Am I the only one on a Sunday who forgets that everything shuts early? Luckily, I discovered the Madeleine cafe that opens past the standard 4pm to a much later 7pm, and not only that, but is ridiculously beautiful and retro that I'd go there any time of the day. Facing the common, the first thing I noticed was the beautifully ornate ceiling painted with retro religious clouds and a simple chandelier. And obviously second to that was the amazingly delicious smells seeping from the front door..


It's the kind of place that escorts you back in time, from the wood panelled walls to the regally painted ceiling. It's not the vibe you get from a manic Costa, and time seems to slow down when you eat there and with the huge glass front windows, the sun setting over the common makes the end to your Sunday so much more serene and peaceful.

The walnut brownie is one of my favourites (walnuts being an understated nut in my opinion; is that an odd thing to say? ) and the kitsch china and tea brewers only add to the retro vibe. However, I could easily go away with a few cheesy croissants and beautiful fruit tarts. If you're looking for somewhere that's open late on a Sunday for moreish treats and a lazy afternoon, Madeleine is your place.