Lindsey Kelk's 'Always The Bridesmaid'

So Lindsey Kelk is hands down my favourite chick-lit writer, and the fact that I bought her new book Always The Bridesmaid months before my holiday and didn't devour it before is down-right miracle. I can always relate to the characters and the, quite frankly, all the crap in their life as well as being insanely jealous of their far flung adventures.


Her new series follows Maddie, and event planner as she deals with her two best friends: one who is newly divorced and one who is newly engaged. So you can imagine the drama this brings with it. I was hooked straight away with her internal monologue regarding relationships, from her post coital outfit woes;  "it was a carefully put-together outfit based on something I'd seen in a Nivea commercial" to the thoughts flashing through your mind after you text a new guy; "I'm going to run a bath [...] and think very carefully about THAT TIME I TEXTED A MAN FIRST AND RUINED MY LIFE".

There were elements in the book that I was slightly underwhelmed by, however. Maddie's lack of backbone until the very end somewhat annoyed me, and I didn't click with the main love interest and felt it was a bit of a bolt out of the blue (something which I assume will be developed on more in a sequel). And of course, it's the first book of hers which doesn't have a lust-worthy exotic destination unlike her other series. I probably shouldn't try and compare it to her 'I Heart' series or 'About A Girl', the two books that that are so bloody hysterical they're battered and torn after so many reads and are officially my favourie chick lits.

That said, not once did I want to put it down and I loved the the life you follow of party planning chaos, annoying siblings, bitchy bosses and the less than beautiful London life. So you love Lindsey's previous work, or you just want a well-written, completely relatable and ridiculously funny easy read, than 'Always the Bridesmaid' is your gal.