2016 life goals

I've already seen a few of these floating about but I've been thinking for the last month how much pressure resolutions put us under. So this year, I'm going more for 'life goals' on ways to continue improving my general living rather than resolutions.  I'm remembering everything I should be thankful for and the amazing opportunities that came my way, as it's so easy to forget the good times during the bad.

2015 has been a year of amazing things for me and I'm a firm believer in taking the good stuff and not comparing yourself others, something I wrote about at the end of last year. A hard job what with social media and people always thinking that everyone else's life looks better than their own and even more so in blogging when a lot of the time, you only see the fun and exciting things. So instead of writing a list of unattainable resolutions, I'm remembering what I've done that I'm proud of and creating some more life goals to continue into 2016.

  • Interned at some amazing places -  I've had the privilege of working for brands such as THE WHITEPEPPER, GoThinkBig, Women's Health and Cosmopolitan, building my career and leading onto....
  • Working at Cosmopolitan - if you'd have told me that I'd have had the opportunity to work with such a prestigious (and my dream) magazine, I'd never have believed you!
  • Visited Edinburgh, Corfu and Copenhagen - Starting New Year in Edinburgh for Hogmanay, a girly holiday in Greece and then a cultural city break seeing Copenhagen, kept me going through the year and means I'll be planning many more in 2016.
  • Met Matthew Williamson - having a private tour with the fashion designer's new studio and speaking to him about all of his collections was genuinely such a dream.
  • Beautiful press events with Chambord, Jigsaw, Reiss - Getting invites through my blog and work means I've seen some gorgeous shows and collections with great brands!
  • Saw Ben Howard -  winning tickets to go to the Eden Project to see the man who was the soundtrack to my university life was such a dream and loved going back down to the South, such a pretty part of the UK.
  • Ran the Colour Run - Without training, I thought I'd never manage it but running 5k whilst people throw dye at you, is a great atmosphere and I will be doing the Night Colour Run next year for sure.
  • Attended Cosmopolitan's Fash Fest and Ultimate Women of the Year - Covering the events (and organising them) means I got to see some really amazing work behind the scenes (and celebrity spots!)
  • Met some inspiring new people through work, events and blogging days - Networking is a part of life anyway but I'm so happy to have met some of the coolest guys and gals this year who are part of my daily life now.
  • Got a new job set up for 2016 - I was lucky enough to get a new job the day after I left Cosmopolitan (something that I was very stressed about for weeks on end) so I'm very grateful for that and super excited to start.

(and by best nine pics of the year, according to you guys! via 2015bestnine.com)

I'm so proud of how far I've come this year and so instead of making those unattainable resolutions, I've decided to continue with some life goals to keep me on track for better things!

1. Get back into running and badminton. I've always been fairly fit but my career was a priority for a few months so can't wait to get into running around my local parks in the new year.

2. Give up sugar for a couple of weeks. I will never be able to give it up forever but I am fairly reliant on it, so a few weeks would be great to clear my system of it.

3. Head to a new place on the map. Having travelled most of Europe and Asia, it's time for somewhere new; I'm thinking Lisbon or Porto, any other recommendations?

4. Enjoy my new job. I start an amazing new adventure as Social Media Executive for a travel PR firm, and can't wait for new challenges and to work my way up the ladder.

They are the four that I really want to try. I'm a firm believer in working to improve yourself as a person so never understand people who have resolutions of wanting a certain item or wanting a boyfriend for the sake of it, or even saying 'I'll join a gym' if you just aren't a gym person. Start small and go with it; plan a weekend away, join one fitness class a week; do whatever you feel comfortable doing instead of jumping in the deep end with something that isn't you anyway.

2015 has been an amazing year for me and I've learnt that the best way is to start a new year is to simply give yourself a few goals that you know you can achieve, and just remember the amazing things you've done the previous year, be it big or small. Just be proud of yourself and give yourself credit for making it through another year. I can't wait for 2016!