Internship: Women's Health

You know how I said Cosmo would be my last internship? Well I was then briefly offered a two week stint at Women's Health straight after and I could hardly say no to another magazine that I loved to read so I schlepped back into London once more!

And once more I went to the same office only this time one floor up (trying to play bingo with every office floor, three down, three to go!)


The next two weeks were refreshingly different to Cosmo, so it wasn't a repeat of the previous two weeks. Learning to use their CMS system, researching and writing for their site as well as doing the usual magazine article checking and data spreadsheets. You get into the rhythm and I love being busy so it was another internship of always having work to do and helping shift the load from them. The more mundane tasks you do of counting competition entries and fact checking articles leads to better things like writing pieces for the website and contributing to their team. You can even read some of my articles here and here which made it onto the site (and building my portfolio all the more.)

And perks are never too far and with things like complimentary paleo salads, reading the issue before it hits the stands and attending an amazing reiki and massage evening at Regents Street, it's no surprise that so many girls are drawn into the lifestyle.

But it was another two weeks that I really enjoyed and I really am sad to be saying good bye to 33 Broadwick Street once more. Whoever said journalism was cut throat has never met the people I've worked with who are absolute babes.

Thanks to Francesca and Amy for the past two weeks