So last week I had an interview with THE WHITEPEPPER, an amazing fashion brand that I'd first discovered on Topshop years ago. I thought it had gone well but seeing as I'd been applying for jobs for nearly over a year, the idea that I could actually get one didn't quite compute. So as I was gearing myself up for the usual rejection/ignoring, at 3:30pm the email popped into my inbox. 'We'd love to offer you the three month internship.'

I read it again. And a few more times to be sure. Then jumped around screaming, scared the beejezus out of my dog and proceeded to tell every member of my long suffering family the good news.

Not only did the job sound enjoyable but I could actually do it. An internship that not only offers expenses (rare) but that it could lead to a full time job (even rarer) and that it was in an amazing white brick office underneath the train lines next door to a board game cafe!? (Amazing!)

So my first week is already over. And I have to say its been pretty damn amazing. The girls are so helpful and kind its ridiculous, you're never bored or looked down on like I've experienced in other internships, they have green tea and did I mention it was in super cool Hackney under the train line?


My week consisted of handling the social media platforms, as well as writing captions, handling press returns, and assisting with photoshoots. And all of this I learnt by working on my blog for nearly three years now, which taught me everything I know for the job.

So when I'm crammed into that train at rush hour or grabbing a tea at the cafe around the corner, I still can't quite believe this is my life right now after over a year of applications, events and freelancing. It just shows that perseverance and having confidence that one day you will get somewhere is the way forward. I can't wait to see where it takes me.