Internship: Closer

So I finally got around to my Closer internship! After realising I wasn't due in till Tuesday due to the bank holiday (could have been awkward turning up) I had my first day! Luckily it's only a twenty minute tube ride from where I am staying and then a 5 minute walk from the station. The headquarters are on Shaftesbury Avenue which Londoners told me is a very prestigious avenue. Oops. I waited in the reception and realised I was also near Grazia and Heat magazine! Some of the best magazines!


I was let in by the  editorial editor, who was really welcoming and gave me enough duties to keep me busy. This included distributing the new copies, sorting mail out, backing up data and helping contribute to pages. I felt a bit useless as I seemed to do my errands pretty but then again I was only an intern. On my down time it meant I got to read the new Closer! Apart from getting soaked on my lunch break, my first day just showed me how interesting it is to work on a magazine and solidified my need to work there.

My second day started the same, however this time I was given the task of transcribing an interview. Whilst I've done this before, it was exciting to actually have a part in the production of an article. It's not always easy work but it was so fun. Sadly I'm still really ill ( after getting some form of flu/fever at the weekend) so I am lacking a voice and get tired really easily. However I realise how lucky I am to be in the middle of London at such an amazing internship, which soon perks me up!


The rest of the week constituted the same things, as well as assisting with some article ideas. And staring greedily at all of the free make up, coconut waters and Pizza Expresses they all got! It was a really interesting experience and am so glad I was a part of it.

After many early nights and even earlier mornings, I finally got the chance to have some down time, consisting of frozen yoghurt, shopping at Stratford and Covent Garden and some tapas at La Tasca!

Overall I had an amazing time in London with my sister, her housemates and as an intern at Closer Magazine. So thank you so much to all of them! Now can't wait until tomorrow where I get to relax at home with my puppy and then head to write about Brighton Fashion Week afterwards!