Inflight packing

From two hours to twenty, who doesn't dread sitting on a plane surrounded by loud children and arm-rest stealers. We endure it because the end goal of a beautiful city and stunning vistas are worth it. But even I reach my limit when I've had a chair reclined into my face too often than not. And who loves coming off the plane with skin as dry as a raisin? I've learnt my lesson along the way and have streamlined my inflight packing to make sure I have everything I need to make the journey as painless as possible


Keep some miniatures with you

On the off chance that your luggage gets lost, you should always have the essentials with you in case you need to wait around for it (also include spare knickers and medication in this). However some bits you can use on the way to emerge looking somewhat more human. My Origins GinZing mini moisturiser is my favourite thing to slather on every few hours and smells deliciously citrusy, and Body Shop's hand lotions are a firm favourite of many (and always a stocking filler in the Godfrey family). A top tip? If you have a layover, head to duty-free to abuse their samples. I found out the hard way how much I love De La Mer's The Mist by landing 8 hours later from Cuba with the softest skin of my life.

Magazines you can chuck

We're all tempted to take loads of books to read, but the second you sit down, that Brief History of Homo sapiens novel doesn't look too appealing and you've wasted precious luggage space. Instead save your fav magazines to read and stack them up, knowing you can read them and leave them without feeling guilty.

Tablet for airlines that stream/do work

As airlines get cheaper, so do the amenities they provide. Many no longer have TV screens and instead say to stream to your device instead. Trying to watch Ryan Reynolds woo Emma Stone on my tiny phone is a sure-fire way to end with a headache so instead, I charge my tablet up and I'm good to go. Or with Netflix allowing offline streaming, get going on that Gilmore Girls series. I also love to have it on me in case inspiration strikes and I can do some work in the air, landing with article ideas ready to go.

Neck pillow can be doubled for rubbish hostel pillows

Until I did my 3 months travelling around Asia, I always say neck pillows as useless. Until I realised that sleeping with my head on the food tray or leaning against the window was the devil's work. I then invested in a bean-filled one which was just as usual. On my third attempt, I headed to Typo, my favourite Kiwi stationery store and invested in a memory foam one that folds into its own bag and it's genuinely been lifesaving in napping on planes. Bonus no.2? If your accommodation pillows are lacklustre then boom, you have an additional cushion.


Am I the only one who cannot stand plane food? Even the 'good stuff' tastes bland and doesn't make you feel full. So I've started taking my own snacks with me for emergency snacks when I can't face paying £3 for a chocolate bar, or I'm stuck at the airport and not wanting to break into my holiday money. I always decide on Itsu, as they have tasty seaweed snacks that are nice and salty, as well as some miso soups where all you need is some hot water and you have a nice filling meal! I can't be the only snacking girl out there...? (bonus hack for you; take a big empty litre bottle and ask them to fill it for you; they'll hate you but at least you aren't always asking for a cup)

There are hundreds of 'hacks' out there on how to better your flying, but just stay moisturised, stay fed and stay entertained and you're sorted. Oh and if possible? Stay asleep...